About Us


We Are CyberBrothers Consultancy Inc., Established Since JUNE 2015

CyberBrothers Consultancy Inc. was established as a web design company in the Philippines on June 1, 2015. Initially, the company provided web design service for companies and stores. However, thanks to take a lot of concerns and inquiries from our clients regarding digital transformation, we officially ventured into IT consulting and software development in 2017. At present, we collaborate with talented engineers and partner with agencies in Japan to expand our services not only within the Philippines but also to businesses in Japan and Western countries.



YUTA TANAKA Chief Executive Officer

I have been serving as the CEO of CyberBrothers Consultancy Inc., an IT Consulting, Software Development, and Digital Marketing Company based in the Philippines, since June 2015. I am the founder of this company and hold the responsibility for our clients and all employees, fostering meaningful relationships within the organization.

With a background spanning over 10 years, my expertise lies in enhancing business performance through IT Consulting and Digital Marketing Strategy. I pursued my education at Kinki University, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Subsequently, three years after my university graduation, I pursued further studies in Britain. Upon completing my education, I ventured to the Philippines and established this company.


Corporate Info

EstablishmentJune 01, 2015
Capital1,000,000 Philippine Pesos
Location2615 Cityland10 Tower1, 156 H.V Dela Costa, Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines
Telephone +63(2)-8478-0802
GroupREYONA Inc. located in Osaka Japan
  • Business Research And Analysis
  • IT Consulting And Software Development
  • Digital Marketing Strategy